Short Routes

Routes designed for a weekend or holiday as a couple, family or with someone special. Various activities can be carried out and the route can be given a meaning according to each person’s interests, it can be gastronomic, cultural, adventurous, natural, rural or supportive.

Salted Route

Water Route

Qhapaq Ñan and Water Route


Peru is a fascinating country. We offer you some places to enjoy nature.

Paradise Paracas

Camping offers a hidden beach in Paracas where we can find a particularly exquisite and fresh gastronomic and camping experience. It is a beautiful, shallow beach where a fan shell farm was started over 40 years ago. This place is now a good place to stop, camp and even do some water activities such as diving, snorkeling, sailing and kayaking.

Facilities: camping and parking area, water and bathrooms

Puerto Inca Beach

Located in the province of Caravelí, in Arequipa, Puerto Inca was where in the time of the Incas people dedicated themselves to extracting shellfish, drying them and transporting them to Cusco. Currently in Puerto Inca there are some remains of “dryers” that were used to clean and dry shellfish, as well as tombs and ceremonial platforms from that time. Natural beauty is also very important and we recommend walking to the Humboldt Penguin Cave. The beach is accessed via a carriage path in good condition and takes the visitor between 5 and 10 minutes. The Puerto Inca campsite offers all the facilities for camping and learning more about the area. It has been there for a long time helping to add value and preserve the incredible environment rich in history and nature.

Facilities: Bathroom, hot shower, restaurant, bonfire area. Telephone signal but there is WIFI.

Local Communities Colca Canyon or Lake Titicaca

Camp and experience like the locals, the experience is very rich, the families are very friendly and will share with you all their knowledge of the area. You can catch your own food, plant local crops, share, dance and camp in a place with an incredible view. These places will surprise you with the view and the feeling of being so far away and in such a quiet environment.
Facilities: Bathroom, Water.

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