INTORNO seeks to open the connection between the environment and the interior of people through traveling in RV's and overlanding. With the best recommendations to carry out this activity in Peru our clients will be able to live true and authentic experiences with freedom and independence, getting to know Peru at their own pace and with style.
RV rental with quality equipment in Peru
New routes, new destinations
Safe and well located camping sites
Route safety: recommendations, contacts and GPS monitoring
Savings in lodging
Support in coordination and reservation of services in route
Flexibility and 24 hour service


Hyundai H1 engine 2.5 turbodiesel. It is a very comfortable and safe campervan. The campervan can carry up to 5 passengers (4 adults and 1 child) and the same capacity to sleep. Ideal for 2 couples or a family of 4. Sleeping space, up in the Ironman roof tent to 2 adults and 1 child enter and inside the van can be transformed in dinning room and a bed as well where 2 adults can fit. On the roof there is a luggage rack for more place for storage.
From the Pacific Coast through the Andes to the Amazon


Peru has amazing roads and landscapes due to the magnificent Andes that create many ecological steps; you will be amazed of the scenery, the dramatic changes and what you can find in your expedition. However it is always wise to hear some tips from the locals and follow a safe path.
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Travel at your own pace in Peru

Suggested routes

Suggested routes

Self-driving or with a driver. We have designed the most recommended routes, safe camping spots and connections on the road.

Optional Activities and Services

Optional Activities and Services

In route in case you want to take organised tours, expeditions, trekkings and more activities, we can add it to the road!

Guided Overlanding Packages

Guided Overlanding Packages

Guide, activities, a more organized trip through Peru Coast, Andes and Amazon basin.

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