Campervan Explorer


Engine 2.5 turbodiesel, 5 Speed manual transmission. The campervan can carry up to 5 passengers (4 adults and 1 child) and the same capacity to sleep. Ideal for 2 couples or a family of 4. Sleeping space, up in the roof tent to 2 adults and 1 child enter and inside the van can be transformed in dinning room and a bed as well where 2 adults can fit. It is a very reliable, comfortable and safe campervan, used throughout Peru due to its proven endurance and easinness at the same time. The campervan contains:


Gas stove with 02 burners

Shower with gas hot water

Sink with internal tap

Water and gray water tanks

Outdoor pipes

Indoor and outdoor tables

Luggage rack on the roof

Roof tent

Interior and exterior lights

A / C

Radio with bluetooth

Battery / energy monitoring panel

Electric latches and alarm

Kitchenware (cutlery, pot, frying pan, dishes)

Porta potty

In addition to the safety implements: reflective triangle, fire extinguisher, battery cables, jump starter for battery, compressor, spare tire, wheel wrench, rope to pull.

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