Peru has amazing roads and landscapes due to the magnificent Andes that create many ecological steps; you will be amazed of the scenery, the dramatic changes and what you can find in your expedition. However it is always wise to hear some tips from the locals and follow a safe path.

There are just a handful of places on Earth that possess incredible geography and 10,000 years of history within arm’s reach. Now mix with an exquisite cuisine that is one of the hottest items in the world and the proverbial hospitality of a joyful people, quick to flash a friendly smile, and you will discover Peru!

As if that weren’t enough, Peru is the one of the most diverse country on the planet. You can find almost every type of weather here as well as world records for the number of birds, butterflies, fresh and salt water fish, orchids, and more. Deserts, unending beaches, snowcapped mountains, enchanted lakes, inter-Andean Condor valleys, cloud forests, and rain forests that stretch to the horizon and divided by the longest, mightiest river basin in the world, the Amazon. If we had to make a list of other impressive sites and attributes, then we would be obliged to top it with Machu Picchu, one of the new 7 Wonders of the World, followed by incredible Pre-Incan sites like the Nasca Lines, mud temples from the Chimu Culture, the amazing cultural legacy of the Moche civilization, the marvelous terraced hillsides along the Colca Valley, each an extraordinary testimony of people who lived in these lands long before the Incas.

Peru is a land of stark contrasts. There are so many things to be discovered!

 TOP Experiences in Peru
  1.  Feel the power of Machu Picchu
  2. Enjoy world-class cuisine in Lima
  3. Learn ancient history,  there is a common saying that ‘almost every stone you kick in Peru is part of an archaeological site, is part of our history’
  4. Be amazed with the biodiversity of the Amazon by cruising the Amazon River or staying at a jungle lodge in the middle of the rainforest.
  5. Share and understand living cultures in the Andes and the Amazon.
  6. Let your imagination fly with the mystery of the Nazca Lines
  7. Navigate the highest navigable lake on earth: Titicaca Lake
  8. Be delighted with the flight of the Condors in the Colca Canyon
  9. Discover a paradise for Adventure and Sports: surf, white water rafting, trekking, hiking, mountaineering, paragliding, kite surf, mountain bike, rock climbing, and more!…
  10. Drive and camp in a RV through all of this!!! 
Some interesting facts about Peru “Did You Know”
  • Did you know that Machu Picchu is considered one of the New 7 Seven Wonders of the World?
  • Did you know that the  Amazon, the largest river in the world has the 20% of fresh water in the planet and its origin is in PERU?
  • Did you know that PERU is one of the countries with more bird species in the world? More than 1,800 species and increasing each year!
  • Did you know that Lake Titicaca is the highest navigable lake in the world with 3,825 mosl?
  • Did you know that Peru has 84 zones of life, out of  107 found in the planet thank to the Andes?
  • Did you know that Peru has the Deepest Canyons on earth?  Colca Canyon à 3,660 mts Cotahuasi Canyon à 3,535 mts
  • Did you know that LIMA is considered the Gastronomical Capital of America?
  • Did you know that Potatoe comes from PERU and PERU has almost 3,000 varieties?
  • Did you know that Peru has the longest left hander wave in the world? 1km of continuous surf, its name is CHICAMA and is located in a region called La Libertad, 30km north from Trujillo, 600km north from Lima.
Driving tips in Peru
  • Drive very carefully, it may not be your fault but roads in Peru can be a hell of adventure. The geography and fearful drivers may take you to your limits if you don’t take precautions.
  • Drive only during the day, night can be risky out in the road, better to be safe in the recommended camping spot and enjoy the campervan facilities!
  • Try not to drive over 100km/h as it is the speed limit in all roads.
  • Take 20 meters of distance behind cars and trucks.
  • Use GPS provided, all waypoints will be saved in it. Take care of it, it is your guide.
  • The Andes can provide long and steep downhill roads, if you use to much of the brakes these can overheat and start losing effectiveness, use the gearbox in 2nd or 3rd speed to keep a controlled speed.
  • The Andes also provide narrow sinuous roads, don’t overpass the vehicle in front using wrong way if you cannot see a fair distance in front, you may face with something bigger coming and there is nowhere to escape.
  • In the altitude over 2,500 mosl it can get very cold at night and this may affect the starting up of the diesel engine in the morning. In the morning before turning on the campervan, turn ignition 03 times and hold for 5 seconds each time, then start the engine. This way the battery will help with warming up.