Why roadtripping in Peru?

Peru is a magnificent destination for overlanding, we are convinced that its potential to be travelled by road / land is immense, especially for its geographical and cultural diversity. Always choosing safety, the right paths and tips,these road-trips can turn into a life milestone for every traveler.

Some of the reasons why Peru is better to travel it by road:

  1. Experience how Natural diversity changes gradually in one road trip

    Peru roads will take you through many different climates and stunning views. The Pacific desert coast, the up and down of the Andes mountain range and the Amazon jungle can be done in just a few days, driving and camping or lodging, the experience of driving in Peru is unique and will let you appreciate and understand these dramatic changes of nature.

  2. Peru has infinite roads to penetrate it and it is good on road infrastructure!

    Paved roads are beautifully maintained to reach most of the country and of course, part of the adventure is also going through dirt and gravel roads in which our vehicles can easily roll We’ll also give you some tips to follow for a better driving experience such as avoiding towns with traffic or parking, right roads to take and best times for traveling.

    Peru has thousands of roads penetrating the Andes due to its natural resources being primarily a mining country, its archaeological sites spread all over its territory and also many native towns living far inside the mountain range, so roads to reach them have been built for many years, now we can use them to see more of the country and to connect with main sites of interest!

  3. Cost-effective traveling

    many sites that would cost a lot to discover in a conventional tour are easily accessible if you are driving and traveling at your own pace. It is just a matter to design your road trip with us, tell us your interests and we will put the marks on the map and stops recommended. It is even more cost-effective if you decide to travel in one of our campers because you will avoid lodging costs.

  4. Authenticity:

    most of the places to roam in a road trip are really not visited in conventional tourism. You will find an authentic face of Peru and will enjoy being there as being part of the real world. Also, by traveling in our autonomous campers you are able to stay in unique recommended spots where no one gets to overnight.

  5. Other more general reasons are having independence of traveling at your own pace, to be spontaneous and take immediate decisions, try new things and challenge yourself to explore, discover and learn!

    It is a perfect experience to disconnect of the routine and virtual world to re-connect with the real world and with someone special; by sharing the adventure, long time driving and camping gives you the opportunity to share a lot!