Why choosing us?

We are pioneers of this travel concept in Peru

we were born of the passion for adventure, nature, overland and camping and are committed on delivering the best of it. Doing this makes us happy and sharing it even more!!
We know the country, its roads and attractions, its people, cultures and services. Our network of contacts is well developed, this allows us to be in all Peru to fix your trip.
We have put together high-quality equipment and our fleet is always maintained with predictive principles in order to anticipate any possible failure. We also know our equipment and stay connected for continuous communication. Safety and quality is our commitment.

What is our offer:

  1. Camper rental with quality equipment in Peru

  2. New routes, new destinations

  3. Route safety: recommendations, contacts and GPS monitoring

  4. Safe and strategically located camping sites

  5. Savings in lodging

  6. Support in coordination and reservation of services enroute

  7. Flexibility and 24 hour service