Travel Programs

  • Complete Roadtrip Services and Programs

Rental of cleverly built RVs, campervans, motorhomes and SUVs and get the recommendations to carry out this activity in Peru in the best way. We have designed the most recommended routes, found best places to stay / camp, activities to do and connections for extra safety on the routes.

  • Self-driving and Camping

Stay at recommended and safe camping spots. From locals houses gardens and national parks to proper campsites and lodges and haciendas. Peru isn’t full of camping infrastructure but we have found the best spots for camping. These will vary on level of facilities but are strategically identified in locations for overnight safely and being close to main sites. Plus, our campers are autonomous so really there is no need for extra facilities

  • Self-driving and Accommodation

If you feel that driving is for you but you prefer sleeping indoors with the comfort that a hotel or a local house can provide, we have also identified this way of traveling and are able to fix a complete program for you. Just tell us the category of accommodation you are used to and we’ll propose the route that fits you best!

  • Go with a Driver Guide

You can do all of this in a private camping RV expedition with a driver guide that will show you around the chosen circuit!

  • Overlanding Expedition

Follow us on an amazing land expedition in Peru. Reach hidden spots being able to drive your own campervan.

  • Tour and Travel

Our experience in Peru is wide; innovation, flexibility, creativity and network are some of our strengths. We pay attention to details and opportunities to provide the best advice. With our personalized treat we’ll design a customized complete itinerary according to your interests, budget and preferences.